double time (what big homie said to little homie)

2019, light installation, two video, four flames, flashlights, mirror, boxing gloves, gouache painting on paper, sequins, crystal encrusted pleaser boots, holographics, crushed foam.

a safe place for us to dip our toes in

2018, Lemons, pleaser shoes, sequin, flashlights, florida water, jawbone, gouache painting on paper, lichen, acrylic painting on canvas, nail polish, lichen, mirror, hair, homies, collage.

for a future

2015, video, braiding hair, found objects, sugar, glitter, latex gloves, lotion, bone, kleenex

between body

2018, Sequins, cracked mirror, paint, boxing gloves, flashlights, holographic vinyl, two identical videos of the Atlantic Ocean at night, one has been color manipulated to be a Caribbean Sea blue.

said the rainbow to the grave

2017, acrylic nails, iron, braiding hair, carved wood, resin casts, plastic chain, nail polish, pleaser shoes, foam, collograph, holographic vinyl, flashlights